The COVID-19 virus has brought unprecedented challenges to holidaymakers and has impacted the campervan industry as well as other tourism operators. 

Consequently, SHAREaCAMPER has developed a comprehensive cancellation policy to give any prospective traveller certainty around their SHAREaCAMPER booking in relation to the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic.

Change your travel dates free of charge. 

If your booking is impacted by Government-issued travel restrictions, or if you, or those travelling with you, test positive for COVID-19, SHAREaCAMPER will allow you to change your booking dates free of charge.

Please note: Date change is subject to vehicle availability, owner approval and you will need to pay any difference in the daily rental rate. Bookings are non-transferable. If you are changing travel dates due to testing positive for COVID-19, SHAREaCAMPER will require proof of your or your travel companions’ test result before approving any date changes. 


Free Cancellation

Free cancellation is only valid for booking requests from 09 April 2021, and for bookings where you are not permitted to travel due to Government issued Covid-19 travel restrictions. Bookings are non-transferable, and normal cancellation fees will apply should you cancel your booking outside of Government issued Covid-19 travel restrictions. 

Furthermore, as with any other contractable illness, free cancellation does not apply if you, or those you are travelling with, contract COVID-19. In such instances, normal cancellation fees will apply. 

Additional Help

Given that Government policy regarding Covid-19 is rapidly changeable, we ask that you please stay up-to-date with the latest information provided by Government officials. We also encourage you to use a travel insurance provider that offers cover for COVID-19-related expenses.

Please use the following resources for the most up-to-date Government information on COVID-19 safe travel in Australia and New Zealand.