New Zealand & Australia

The COVID-19 virus has brought unprecedented challenges to holidaymakers and has impacted the campervan industry as well as other tourism operators. 

Consequently, SHAREaCAMPER has developed a comprehensive cancellation policy to give any prospective traveller certainty around their SHAREaCAMPER booking in relation to the everchanging COVID-19 pandemic.

With regard to the cancellation policy, the traveller has two options:

A: You may opt to receive a full credit. This credit will be held in your name by SHAREaCAMPER and allows you to make a second booking, with the same owner, within 12 months of the date of cancellation. From the date of re-booking, you have 18 months to travel. 

B: If you do not wish to receive a credit, you will be bound by our normal cancellation policy as detailed in the Terms and Conditions.