Please always make sure your vehicle is clean and in a good and safe condition before the traveller is arriving at the designated pick up spot.  

  • Check the maintenance of your vehicle (coolant, oil, brakes, electrics, gas hob, alarms)
  • Check the tires (pressure, tread)
  • Be sure that everything is clean and works to an acceptable standard
  • Fill up the tank with fuel
  • Fill up the water tanks
  • Be sure that the grey water tank and toilet cassette is empty
  • Fill up gas bottle
  • Always make sure you provide what is included in your listing
  • If you agreed to any optional extras or accessories with the traveller beforehand, make sure these are in the campervan ready to go

New Zealand

  • If your vehicle is a diesel be sure enough RUC (Road User Charge) is paid already. (You can pass these cost on to the traveller. Record the odometer for calculation.)
  • Be sure that the vehicle is registered till the end of the hire.
  • Check that all your licenses are updated (Certificate of Fitness, Warrant of Fitness,  Electrical Warrant of Fitness, Gas Certification...).