The Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA), as a superior law, is automatically part of the SHAREaCAMPER T&Cs. It protects the consumer and outlines what a consumer can expect when purchasing a product or service. A consumer is anyone who buys a product or service. The traveller is a consumer of a product when renting your campervan. Therefore it is very important that you as the campervan owner renting out the product ensure that the product is well maintained. 

A consumer (traveller) has some rights when buying a product (hiring your campervan)  and the product must meet the guarantees of:

  • Acceptable quality 

  • Fit for a particular purpose 

  • Match description, sample or demonstration model

  • Reasonable price

  • Products arrive on time and in good condition

For all our valued owners it is important to know, that the consumer can ask for a remedy (replacements and refunds) – under the Consumer Guarantees Act – for any product that does not meet one of these guarantees listed above. 

Example 1: The description or the pictures of your camper doesn’t match the actual condition of your vehicle at the time they rent it out. Please check your vehicle’s post regularly to ensure that all given information is up to date.

Example 2: The camper needs to be ready to drive and in good condition at the agreed pick up place and time. Please let the traveler know in advance if changes to the agreed upon pick up place and time need to be made to ensure that a thorough handover is undertaken. 

Example 3: Only the traveller has the right over the product at the time she / he hired it. No other person is allowed to have a claim or right at the same time.  

Example 4: The camper breaks down because of a mechanical issue. The traveller has the right to continue their travels as planned. In this case you as the owner who is renting out the vehicle need to ensure that the traveller can continue their journey and cover additional costs like repair and accommodation until the vehicle is ready to drive again. If the vehicle can not be used to continue their travels a replacement vehicle needs to be sourced and additional renting costs can be claimed to be refunded. SHAREaCAMPER will of course support you and the traveller to find accommodation and an alternative campervan if needed.

You can also find more information on this website:

Only with your help it can be ensured that every traveller can experience a wonderful and life-changing road trip throughout New Zealand. Your campervan is the key to fulfill SHAREaCAMPER’s vision, so “let’s connect explorers and change lives”.