The Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA) protects the consumer and outlines what a consumer can expect when purchasing a product or service. A consumer is anyone who buys a product or service. 

For all our valued owners it is important to ensure that the vehicle is well maintained, the vehicle profile is accurate and the vehicle is ready for pick up at the agreed time and place including all agreed upon extras. 

Example 1: The description or the pictures of your camper needs to match the actual condition of your vehicle at the time of rental. Please check your vehicle’s profile regularly to ensure that all given information is up to date.

Example 2: The camper needs to be ready to drive and in good condition at the agreed pick up place and time. Please let the traveler know in advance if changes to the agreed upon pick up place and time need to be made to ensure that a thorough handover is undertaken. 

Example 3: Only the traveller has the right over the vehicle at the time they hired it. No other person is allowed to have a claim or right at the same time.  

Although the CGA, is New Zealand's default, generic legislation between consumers and vendors, the SHAREaCAMPER Terms & Conditions are industry specific outlining the rights and obligations of our Travellers and Owners.