The service fee paid by you to SHAREaCAMPER covers:

  • Fleet accident liability cover for accidental loss or damage caused in an accident (wear and tear and mechanical failure are not included) and third party liability
  • Maintenance of the website / platform so you can list and travellers can find and book your vehicle
  • Promotion of your camper through the website and social media (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Support in the case of needed repairs and / or liability reduction claim
  • Payment handling services and security bond handling through a third party payment provider
  • Dedicated customer service team to support you and the travellers with any requests
  • Passionate salesperson who is dedicated to support you as your first point of contact
  • Innovative IT team to provide a state of the art platform and work on future development

The service fee is based on your rental income and amounts to:

  • New Zealand: 15%
  • Australia:
    • Vehicle Tier A: 10% + AUD 5.40 per day
    • Vehicle Tier B: 10% + AUD 11.25 per day
    • Vehicle Tier C: 10% + AUD 22.50 per day