New Zealand & Australia:

The Camper Owner gets 85% of the price the vehicle is listed for. SHAREaCAMPER takes just 15% for all it's services. 

The Owner is in charge of:

  • Rental Price - Setting the daily and weekly rental rates

  • Cleaning Fee - At the end of trips you can charge an optional one-off cleaning fee to travellers

  • Responding to Messages/ Accepting Bookings - You decide whether you accept or decline booking requests for your vehicle. You can message the Travellers beforehand and get a feel for who they are and whether they are a good fit for your camper.

  • Keeping your vehicle road legal - You need to make sure your vehicle has all the legal requirements. With campervans, all vehicles need to have a current Certificate of Fitness (COF). Caravans do not need a COF. You also need to provide us with your Registration Expiry date,  your Electrical Expiry Date if your vehicle has a 230 volt supply system and your Gas Certificate expiry date. These certificates ensures us that your vehicle is safe and road legal.  

In exchange for just 15%* of the rental income, we provide:

  • Insurance - We insure your vehicle for its market value up to a maximum $400,000 while it's on hire. Your own private insurance will be not affected, as our insurance takes precedence. This also means your premiums will not go up in case of an accident.

  • Payment Handling - We handle all payments that the traveller makes and deposit your share directly into your bank account after the hire.

  • Roadside Assistance & Traveller Support - We coordinate any required roadside assistance anywhere in New Zealand 24/7. We're also on call to assist the traveller with any other enquiry they have throughout their trip.

  • Advertising of your listing - Through our own marketing channels we will promote our overall service as well as your specific listing to ensure you get maximum exposure to travellers looking to rent.

Please note this is SHAREaCAMPER's standard service fee. GST charges may be additional depending on if you use our TSL number or not.  If you use SHAREaCAMPER’S TSL number we charge 15% + gst. See our T&C`s for further Information or give us a call.