SHAREaCAMPER verifies all Traveller's drivers licenses after the booking has been accepted. 

The following details are needed:

  • full name
  • date of birth
  • licence type
  • issuing country 
  • issue and expiry date 

We will also require a picture of your you driver's licence (front and back).

Depending on the country you are renting the vehicle at different age and licence restrictions apply.  

Add an additional driver – add safety!

Taking turns allows each driver to have a break from concentrating on the road ahead. Sharing the 

travelling makes driving long distances a more relaxed experience. Adding an additional driver lets you enjoy the journey and adds safety without adding extra costs. With SHAREaCAMPER there is no fee for additional drivers!

Please note that each additional driver needs to comply with the same age and driver’s license restrictions as the primary driver. The number of additional drivers depends on the seating capacity of your rental vehicle.

Please note that each driver needs to carry a valid drivers licence which will be checked and noted down on the handover report by the Owner before handing over the vehicle.

Please contact our Customer Service if you have any questions.