Roadside assistance is organised for all Travellers and Owners who book through SHAREaCAMPER.


 For Owners, there is an initial membership fee of $108. This will be debited from the Owner’s balance after the vehicle has been rented out for the first time. 


Additional Information:

  • This membership is valid for one year with Royal Automobile Club (RAC) of Western Australia who then organise the local state roadside assistance for all breakdowns in Australia as long as the vehicle is on a named road.

  • The individual call out fee will be billed to whoever is responsible. In the instance that a vehicular breakdown is the cause of wear and tear, the cost of call out and repair is passed onto the Owner. If the vehicular breakdown is as a result of misuse by the Traveller, the Traveller is liable for the call out and repair costs.

    RAC Phone:  1300558456

New Zealand

New Zealand Roadside Assistance (NZRA). With a one-year subscription fee of only NZD 75.00 your campervan will be serviced by NZRA for 12 months starting from the first day of rental. The subscription will be renewed after one year once a new rental is booked and then is valid again for another 12 months.

Additional Information:

The NZRA team is available 24 hours, seven days a week to assist the traveller in making the best decisions for your beloved campervan in the unlikely event something happens during the rental period with:

  • Free 24/7 technical advice to the travellers while your campervan is on the road
  • Free 24/7 advice on nearest repair shop to get your campervan back on the road
  • Free 24/7 advice to road conditions to ensure your campervan is travelling safely
  • Free 24/7 advice to the travellers regarding behavior in case of an accident and what information need to be obtained
  • NZD 200.00 towards the towing costs of your campervan to a safe location or nearest repair shop (one tow per case)
  • unlimited call outs to get roadside assistance wherever your campervan is located within New Zealand to get them back on the road (not free of charge)

In the rare case of an incident SHAREaCAMPER will, as soon as being made aware of the event, update you directly about the options and estimated costs provided by NZRA. In the case that you cannot be reached SHAREaCAMPER will act on your behalf to ensure the campervan is back on the road as quickly as possible so that the traveller can continue their journey. A follow up email including the chosen option and estimated costs will be send to you as soon as possible.



Roadside Assistance is provided through KRAVAG insurance when you rent out your vehicle using SHAREaCAMPER'S services. 

Additional Information:

  • The membership is valid during the time your vehicle is listed on the SHAREaCAMPER website.
  • The Roadside Assistance can be used by the Owner during the time the camper is not being rented, given that the vehicle is still listed with SHAREaCAMPER.