When listing your vehicle, you will have to decide on pricing for your vehicle. Each season is different and so should be the pricing for your vehicle. You can enter a price per day as well as a price per week for each season. 


If you have any questions about what price would be best for your vehicle, you can compare your vehicle to similar listings on the website. There are a few things to keep in mind when pricing your vehicle:

  • the age of the vehicle,
  • included features (i.e. toilet and shower),
  • seasons and commercial market pricing for similar vehicles,
  • camper type,
  • comfort and condition,
  • maintenance,
  • special features (like kayak, bikes etc.)
  • location of pick up (close to airport/public transport).

Change Prices

You can set and change the price for your vehicle individually:

  1. Click on Edit in your vehicle overview to make the changes.
  2. Click on Next Step to get to the section Pricing and Deposit and change the price for your vehicle.
  3. Click Save Draft to complete the process and save the changes.

Weekly Prices

A lower weekly price can attract longer term rentals. If the weekly rate is lower than the unit price per night, it will be used for the calculation, if the rental period is longer than one week.

Minimum Price

The minimum rental price is:
Germany: 50 €
New Zealand: 50 NZD
Australia: 50 AUD