Here’s the Step by Step Guide to Registering with SHAREaCAMPER and listing your vehicle. It should be fairly straight forward, however let us know if you’re struggling with anything and you’d like some assistance.

Sign up

  1. Sign up: Go to and click Sign Up
  2. Enter your email address, create a password, read the Terms and Conditions and click Sign Up Now
  3. Check your emails and verify your email address (If you can’t see it after a few minutes please check your junk folder).
  4. Log in and complete your Personal Profile: Click on Profile Settings (gear symbol) in the top right corner.
  5. Fill in your details
  6. Now you have your basic profile set up you’re ready to list your vehicle. 

Listing your Vehicle

Log in, go to My Overview and click the red button List a New Camper

Before you start, please make note that clicking Next Step saves your page. If you close out of the page without clicking next you will lose your listing. 

Step One: The Basics

Please note, when filling in the Value of the vehicle you don’t need to add a ‘$’ symbol or use a space between numbers.

Step Two: The Technical Aspects

It may not be possible to completely fill this entire section, but ideally fill in as much as possible, especially the vehicle make, the seat belts, how many it sleeps, the transmission type, the fuel it takes and tick as many of the features as possible.

Step Three: Registration Information

Registration - Both caravans and campervans must have a registration expiry date. (Germany, New Zealand, Australia)

Certificate of Fitness (COF) - The COF is very similar to a standard Warrant of Fitness (WOF), however all campervans that become rentals need to go through a COF which includes extra safety checks needed to become commercial. Caravans do not need a Certificate of Fitness, so please enter the Warrant of Fitness expiry date instead (New Zealand)

Self-Containment Certificate – If your vehicle does not already have this certificate, please look into finding out how it can become Self Contained (New Zealand)

Electrical Warrant of Fitness – An electrical warrant of fitness is a requirement of law in New Zealand if the mobile home/caravan is to be connected to the 230 volt supply system. (New Zealand)

Gas Verification Certificate (New Zealand)

Gas Certificate (New Zealand)

TÜV - Date of the goods vehicle test certificate (Germany)

Step Four: Pricing

Contact SHAREaCAMPER if you would like some advice on setting your price. The daily rate is dependent on several factors: Location, quality, how many it can sleep, how much the vehicle is worth etc. 

Step Five: Picture Upload

Ideally upload a few photos of the exterior and then around 10 photos of all the facilities, bathroom, beds etc is what’s required. A photo speaks a 1000 words, so is a crucial part in hiring out your vehicle. Just drag and drop the photo into the box with one main whole vehicle shot as a cover photo and the rest in the camper pictures.

Once the photos are uploaded click the red button finish.

You will now be taken back to the Overview. If you click See All Listings  you can preview, edit, list or set the availability. If it is ready to activate click list and the Sales Team will review your vehicle and check if it’s ready for activation.