The vehicle handover is crucial to ensure both you and the Owner have had a great experience.

For this reason, make sure these requirements have been met at the handover:

  • All handover requirements determined by the Owner have been fulfilled.
  • Return your vehicle to the pre-determined return location. If you are late for drop-off, please do give the owner a call.
  • Return your vehicle in a clean and tidy condition.
  • Inform the Owner of any issues you may have had with the vehicle during your trip.
  • Complete, date and sign the handover report with the Owner and ensure that all essentials, additional details or information are noted down and signed off by both parties as well.

Below you can find copies of the handover documents, make sure you use the correct form (vehicle type and country).

Please note - the Handover Report is one of the most important documents and must be  completed, dated and signed on pick up and drop off. Please take a copy or take a photo of the signed Handover Report for your records.